All passed ! First Kendo Kyu exams at Fudoshinkan

We had our first Kendo Kyu exams at Fudoshinkan and I am happy to announce that all paricipants passed their gradings. Please, go on in your great effort to build up your Kendo and form your personalities. A warm “Thank You” goes to our collegues from Kendo AZS Gliwice who visited us and examined the gradings: Sensei Magdalena Bidzińska Kendo 3 Dan, Sensei Piotr Bidziński Kendo 3 Dan, Sensei Karol Jędruszek Kendo 2 Dan, Sensei Maciej Mentel Kendo 2 Dan and Sensei Szymon Piotr Piechulla Kendo 2 Dan. Visit the gallery to see more photos.